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"This is How Typical Singaporean Families Can Own A Proven, 
Cash-Producing Machine..."
- Pauline Teo, Financial Author and Mother of 2
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Learn The Amazing 
"Income Stacking Formula" 
In This 3-Hr Masterclass
Where Exactly to Find Golden Investments To Grow Income
Don't waste time on scams and shady deals. The best, law-regulated opportunities are all around us, we'll show beginners where exactly to find them.
How to Get Started Almost Immediately Without Large Capital
Unlike traditional property investing, it's possible to get started almost immediately without large capital sums.
How to Specifically Select Investments That Generate Passive Cashflow
We'll reveal exactly which investments are the ones that generate recurring cash returns as a steady source of passive income.
3 Key Secrets That Creates Consistently Increasing Family Passive Cashflow
Most people have heard of horror stories of "losing money" gambling on investments. The key is having the right knowledge in these 3 key secrets used by the successful. 
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Complete Beginners In Singapore
Investors Looking for Better Results
Singaporean Parents and Families
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"...This is How To Create A Passive Income Stream Without Losing Family Time or Job..."
Dear Singaporean friend,

My name is Pauline, an author, veteran share investor and proud mother of two. I may be better known as the "Super Mum Investor" on Radio talk shows.

Since I began building my assets in 2010, I've successfully created a 7-figure portfolio of rock-solid share picks! 

These precisely picked shares have been assessed to be strong in foundation and yield myself a strong passive income stream from capital gains and dividends. In short, they have made me financially free, free to choose to travel and give to my family without any worries.

Those who dread opening their mail boxes full of bills.
Those who feel frustrated with rising costs of living.
Those who just want to give more, back to their loved ones.

I know exactly how it feels... because for a good part of my life, I struggled through my finances. Life was an eternal struggle between wanting to provide more for my family and myself, versus the finance muscle that I actually was able to come up with. 

But things began to change when I started to approach the topic of finance with an open mind... I began to ask questions that most would shy away from. 

"Is there a way to generate passive income safely and legitimately?"

"...Don't be illogically afraid to start.
It's knowledge that makes a world of difference."
We've all heard of that same story...

A family member, or a friend who has made it. Living off rental income from properties, or dividend income from the share markets. Travelling the world as and when he or she pleases.

He or She is financially free... free to choose between slogging it off at work, or taking it easier.

"Must be a lucky break..." Most people who tell themselves that.

Guess what?

The truth is, circumstances do not happen by chance, but are created by action.


Then there's another version of the story.

A family member bankrupted by scam investments or speculation on the share markets... financially ruined.

So what is the real truth behind investing in Singapore? 

I'll share with you the truth...


The difference between the winners and losers is simply a gap in knowledge. 

The losers simply sit by and expect things to happen by magic, putting their money into speculative trades, risking it all with greed.

The winners understand the mechanics of investing and managing their family finances. The ability to precisely pick the right shares as an investment makes a world of difference! 


Back in 2010, I stumbled on a skillset called Value Investing... It taught me how to pick out the best shares on the market for growth opportunities and income generation. That is what has allowed myself to create that 7-figure result I have today for my loved ones.
I've now dedicated my life to the importance of financial education to help average families achieve what they never thought was possible.. I'm happy to share this knowledge openly.

Excited? Click the red button below to RSVP now. 

The "Income Stacking Formula" Is for Average Families to Systematically Receive Passive Cashflow
  • Investing is highly speculative and like gambling
  • ​Investing is extremely risky
  • ​Investing is complicated and requires a lot of intelligence
  • ​Investing requires large capital
  • ​Investing requires a lot of time to trade
  • Speculation and Gambling are the wrong way to invest, there's a proper way to do it
  • Risk comes from not knowing what to do, knowledge is key
  • It's possible to start with lower capital
  • ​Investing is actually very passive and does not require active trading
Pauline sharing on strategies that brought her great success to a large crowd at the prestigious annual Value Investing Summitt
Step One: Use the 3R System to Select Excellent Shares
The 3Rs stand for:

1. Right business model
The investment must have a robust business model that can withstand time.

2. Right management
The company behind the shares must be run by an aligned and excellent management team.

3. Right price
The shares should be undervalued to make a profit from them.
Step Two: Place the Shares Into a Safe Portfolio
It is critical to place the shares into an safe portfolio that can diversify and grow. Now it's time to sit back and reap the results!

To learn more on this process that I used, RSVP now... I've much more to share with LIVE in person.
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This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Participants will be learning how to build an actual portfolio of publicly listed businesses that generate cashflow.
All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.