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Suitable for Singaporean Families and Individuals:
Learn how to pick a great company within 2 hours to kickstart investing.

Alex Ng

(Even for beginners who have zero knowledge and experience)

Live Webinar:
Discover How Singaporean Families Can Increase Monthly Cashflow By Investing Smartly and Safely

There is fear around us caused by the slowdown in global growth, even in Singapore. 
Use this opportunity to invest in great companies at cheap prices. Hold them for the long-term and let the power of compounding multiply your wealth.


Investing to Grow Money is not a Myth. 
Here's How to Get Started Immediately.

Find Great Opportunities While Avoiding the Bad Ones.

Investing can actually be done in a safe manner. The key is to know what to look for in a good investment and what to avoid doing. We'll show you step-by-step on how to achieve this.

How to Get Started Almost Immediately Without Large Capital

How to Get Started on a Portfolio of Cashflow Producing Assets Immediately 

How to Specifically Select Investments That Generate Dividends or Capital Growth

Identify solid investments that generate recurring cashflow. No more blind guesswork in "blue-chip" stocks.

3 Key Secrets That Create Consistent Results In Stocks

Find out how local families can invest safely and generate great results by using these 3 key secrets used by the successful.  

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Making The Identification of the Best Stocks Easy


  • Investing is highly speculative and like gambling
  • ​​Investing is extremely risky
  • ​​Investing is complicated and requires a lot of intelligence
  • ​Investing requires large capital
  • ​​Investing requires a lot of time to trade


  • Speculation and Gambling are the wrong way to invest, there's a proper way to do it
  • Risk comes from not knowing what to do, knowledge is key
  • It's possible to start with lower capital
  • ​​Investing is actually very passive and does not require active trading

What will you learn in this webinar

How to start investing with 10 SGD per day

A list of real-life case studies to review immediately

Why the stock market is one of the best places to invest money

Discover the investment strategy that can give peace of mind with minimal monitoring required

Discover a simple, proven strategy that has helped investors generate returns of up to 15-25% annually

Discover a simple 3-step strategy to evaluate a stock's hidden value

Why Start Investing?

We know what everyone is thinking right now

(mainly because almost everyone asks us the same questions every. single. time.)

Well… believe it or not, putting money in the bank without doing anything actually carries a higher risk.

Here's why investing is absolutely essential 

  • Inflation in the world is around 4%-5% each year (officially); whereas an average bank offers less than 2% interest rate. In that sense, all savings already losing value each year.
  • Instead of busting one's hump working the extra shift and on weekends, it's possible to spend time with loved ones and hobbies, while the money continues to work on it's own. 
  • Investment is a way to get passive income. A day job provides active income.  When assets are bought, money is working for you instead of the other way round.
  • Become more well-prepared for retirement or even any emergencies which require larger sums of money.
For more than a decade, here at Value Investing College, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people make a better life for themselves.
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Who is Suitable to Join This Highly-Rated Webinar

Investors Looking for Better Results

Complete Beginners In Investing

Singaporean Parents and Families

Your Webinar Trainer: So Who is Pauline Teo?

Pauline Teo

Master Speaker & Trainer, VI College

Pauline is a well-known investing celebrity in Singapore. As a mother of two, she started her investment journey on the right path after losing $40,000 of her hard earned savings on poor investment products. She went on to bounce back, after learning the art of valuating and identifying great investments.

As an author of multiple books and Singaporean mother-of-two, Pauline takes pride in identifying with the concerns and troubles of Singaporean families and goes beyond the call of her duty to help anyone out. 

Currently a multi-millionaire managing a 7-figure portfolio of investments, Pauline believes in taking a simple and wise approach to investing. Buying excellent companies with a long term view has produced amazing results for herself and she wishes to teach anyone and everyone how it is possible to do the same.

Your Webinar Trainer: So Who is Alex Ng?

Alex Ng

Speaker & Trainer, VI College

Alex graduated from HELP University with a Master in Accounting & Finance and he was previously an auditor from Deloitte Malaysia and investment analyst from 8Investment, co-managing a USD 8 figures fund. 

He joined Value Investing College with the hope of achieving his goal of adding value to the masses by spreading a safe and sustainable method of financial management. Through helping people solve financial issues, he strongly believes that people will have the courage and freedom to chase after their dream without financial concern.

As one of the main trainers in Value Investing College, Alex has spoken to and trained over thousands of students both in Malaysia and in Singapore. He has also been featured on the news, radio and spoken on world-stage conferences with large audience crowds during our annual Value Investing Summit.


What Our Graduates Say About Us

"...I was mindblown because I always thought investing was like gambling... The experience was fantastic... I highly recommend coming down. "

Gurmit Singh
Actor, Author and Celebrity

Jerald Lie

Who let his wealth compound with the right company


Who generated consistent results

What Our Graduates Have Commented

Who Are We
VI College, is the leading financial education and training provider in Singapore and Malaysia. 
VI College has been cited as the leading education provider in the field of Value investing, by EuroMonitor. 
VI College has also been voted as the most preferred financial educator in Singapore ShareInvestor Awards 2019.
Started in Singapore, this network now supports more than 20,000 program graduates, including investors from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Hong Kong.
We are utterly fuelled to elevate the way people live by giving them effective tools to take control of their financial health now and in the future. We believe living is not merely surviving. It’s to thrive. 
To live empowered lives, and to inspire others to do the same, and collectively, empowerment will spread.
Disclaimer: This masterclass is not a get-rich-quick scheme or MLM opportunity. You will be taught how to identify stock investments and real estate investment with a safer profile that can give you returns in the form of dividends, rentals or capital gains. All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amounts. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. 
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