are you frustrated by increasing family expenses
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how to create a PASSIVE income stream
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Dear Malaysian friend,

My name is Chern Hong, an author, veteran share investor, a son and a proud husband. Some of you may heard of me on radio talk shows.

Since I began building my assets in 2012, I've successfully created a 7-figure portfolio of rock-solid share picks! These precisely picked shares have been assessed to be strong in foundation and yield myself a strong passive income stream from capital gains and dividends. In short, they have made me financially free, free to choose to travel and give to my family without any worries.

Today, I want to ask you some serious questions:
Have you ever dreaded the moment when you open your mail box, knowing that there are more bills to be paid inside?
Or have you felt frustrated at the rising costs required to give you and your family the life you want?
Ever wished you could travel more to experience the world with you and your loved ones - guilt free?

If your answer is yes to any of the above: welcome to the bandwagon.

Trust me, I've been through all that - just like you.

I know because for a good part of my life, I struggled through my finances. Life was an eternal struggle between wanting to provide more for my family and myself, versus the finance muscle that I actually was able to come up with. 

But things began to change when I started to approach the topic of finance with an open mind... I began to ask questions that most would shy away from. 

"Is there a way to generate passive income safely and legitimately?"

If you have been watching your bank account go up and down like a roller coaster ride with no solution, and now you want to finally do something different, read on.
how did they achieve it?
the proven way to WIN big in your investments 
We've all heard of that same story...

A family member, or a friend who has made it. Living off rental income from properties, or dividend income from the share markets. Travelling the world as and when he or she pleases.

He or She is financially free... free to choose between slogging it off at work, or taking it easier.

You shrug it off... dismissing it as a lucky break... Probably something you will never have the right circumstances to achieve.

Guess what?

The truth is, circumstances do not happen by chance, but are created by action.

Then there's another version of the story you could have heard.

A family member bankrupted by scam investments or speculation on the share markets... financially ruined.

So what is the real truth behind investing in Malaysia? 

I'll share with you the truth...

The difference between the winners and losers is simply a gap in knowledge

The losers simply sit by and expect things to happen by magic, putting their money into speculative trades, risking it all with greed.

The winners understand the mechanics of investing and managing their family finances. The ability to precisely pick the right shares as an investment for you and your family makes a world of difference! 

You see, back in 2012, I stumbled on a skillset called Value Investing... It taught me how to pick out the best shares on the market for growth opportunities and income generation. That is what has allowed myself to create that 7-figure result I have today for my loved ones.

Getting curious? I'm about to share with you the secrets behind building a highly profitable portfolio of shares that yield not only passive income but also growth! This is the set of skills that can help you and your family go a long way in securing your financial futures, just like it did for mine.

If you can't wait already and are excited, click the red button below to reserve your seats now. You can read on after that.

introducing the 3R system to investing
systematically build that PASSIVE income stream now!
To systematically create a passive income stream for yourself on your investments, you need to follow these two powerful steps:

step one: use the 3R system to select the right shares
The 3Rs stand for:

1. Right business model
The share you are investing in must have a robust business model that can withstand time.

2. Right management
The company behind the shares must be run by an aligned and excellent management team.

3. Right price
The shares must be undervalued for you to make a profit from them.
step TWO: place the shares into a safe portfolio
After you have purchased the shares, it is critical for you to place them into an safe portfolio that you diversify and grow. Now it's time for you to sit back and reap the results!

If you would like to learn more on this process that I used, scroll down and RSVP now... I've much more to share with you LIVE in person.
suitable for both beginners and experienced investors
"VALue growth workshop" for passive income
Use the Secrets Behind the Winners to Profit
In this 4-hr Masterclass, you will learn the key differences between those that actually make big money on their share investments, versus those that don't.
Use this set of secrets to become a winner yourself.
How to Generate Passive Income For You and Your Family 
While most untrained investors simply jump into "Blue-chip shares" that yield varying results, Chern Hong has a specific set of criteria he uses to buy shares that generate cashflow. Learn how to pick the right shares for passive income generation.
Pick the Right Shares that Grow and Grow
The Holy Grail of investing is to pick the right shares that actually appreciate. In this Masterclass, Chern Hong will share with you his personal no-holds-barred process behind picking the right shares that make you actual money!
Above: Chern Hong speaking to a large crowd at the prestigious annual Value Investing Summit
''With the support from the community and learning the 3R concept in depth, I no longer have to worry about retirement.."
Vincent Yap
O&G Manager
' family now enjoys a 4-figure passive income to safeguard our financial future..'
Pebs Lee
Software Engineer
'I grew my capital to a sizeable portfolio that creates a 4 figure return every month...'
Thomas Wu
NTU Graduate
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This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You be learning how to build an actual portfolio of publicly listed businesses that generate cashflow.
All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.
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